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Income Strategies

Balanced Value Strategies

Ridgewood Investments offers clients access to Balanced Value Strategies that feature a combination of investment in individual securities and funds with an emphasis on balancing the objectives of growth and current income.  We do this with a mix of long-term investment in equities and other holdings selected for their ability to generate a higher level of current income.  This portfolio includes a greater proportion of holdings that pay interest or dividends as a way to lower portfolio volatility.

Total Income Strategies

The Ridgewood Investments Total Income Strategy emphasizes pursuit of yield and current income as a primary objective through use of bonds and bond funds, fixed income securities, and some dividend securities.  Our income strategies are most suitable for investors who anticipate short-term liquidity needs, want to emphasize yield generation and capital preservation in their portfolios, or those who wish to avoid portfolio volatility by investing primarily in fixed income and income alternatives.

Our income strategies can be customized though we tend to emphasize fixed income holdings with a relatively shorter-term maturity profile.  Our income strategy may also include exposure to international fixed income, preferred stocks, master limited partnerships, and/or dividend paying common stocks.  We use these holdings to add additional sources of income or provide an element of growth to diversify the portfolio beyond traditional sources of fixed income.


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