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At Ridgewood Investments, emphasizing thoughtful, long-term money management advice is the core foundation of what we provide our clients. Our investment managers have a passion for investing, with a particular emphasis on value and dividend focused strategies. While our portfolio offerings are discussed in more detail in our Strategies section, our core approach is to create long-term focused portfolios built to compound our investors capital through disciplined adherence to sound strategies. In most cases, these portfolios form the core foundation for our clients’ investment programs.

A Comprehensive Investment Program

In addition to our core equity offerings, we often supplement our internally managed investment offerings with other strategies and low-cost third party funds, in order to deliver a comprehensive investment offering individually tailored to each client. We do this by working with each individual client to devise a long-term investment strategy that best suits their specific needs.  Once the investment plan is implemented, we work with each client to provide ongoing monitoring and adjustment to the investment plan as needed.

Additional Wealth Management Services

In addition to the specific investment strategies we offer, we realize that affluent individual investors increasingly face a wide range of wealth management issues, problems and opportunities.  As a result, we work with our clients in provide sound guidance on related areas, including family wealth management, retirement planning, charitable giving and tax related issues, often by working in coordination with best-in-class outside advisers like lawyers and accountants.  Our approach is to work with each client to make sure their specific needs are met, either through services we provide directly, or through partnering with third party providers.

As with money management, thoughtful and objective advice from advisors implementing proven principles and watching out for your long-term interests can sometimes be difficult to find.

We add value to individuals by:

  • Understanding Your Values, Needs, and Goals
  • Constructing a Portfolio to Meet those Goals
  • Ongoing Monitoring to Confirm Goals and Plans
  • Being Available to Provide Objective and Experienced Financial Advice
  • Recommending and Working with Best-in-Class Advisors when needed

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Ridgewood Investments is dedicated to building life-long relationships with our clients, whether they be individuals and families, institutional investors or plan sponsors. By maintaining our focus on long-term investment strategies and long-term compounding, we are committed to helping our clients navigate through all market environments with an approach grounded in intelligent investing. Learn more:

Working With Ridgewood

Working with Ridgewood Investments is enhanced by our client-centric focus to everything we do. At Ridgewood our primary goal is to treat each of our clients the way we would want to be treated if our positions were reversed. As part of this client-centric focus, Ridgewood Investments strives to give each long-term client a quality service experience featuring:

  • Easy Client Onboarding
  • Fee Transparency and Value
  • Excellent Client Service
  • Portfolio Customization
  • Educational Approach
  • Invitations to Firm Events and Seminars

Talk to Ridgewood

If you are actively searching for assistance with your investment portfolio or would simply like to have a dialogue with Ridgewood Investments about the ways that our services might be of assistance, you have multiple options.

You can engage in a dialogue with our firm and learn more about our capabilities and offerings in the following ways: