Knowledge Creates More Wealth Than Dollars

Personalized advice from experts who educate and guide, not high-pressure sell. We work with you, and never work for commission.

Ridgewood Investments Team

The Benefits of Working With Ridgewood

We help you achieve multiple streams of passive income using proactive financial strategies
and access to sophisticated public and private investments.


Experienced, Ivy League educated, top credentials.


Personalized portfolios for your needs, not pre-packaged.

100% Fee-only

We work with you, and never work for commission.

Achieve Financial Freedom & Security by Working with Ridgewood

  • Compound your investments
  • Reduce your tax
  • Create passive
    income streams
  • Retire Early

If your money is not working as hard as you are, Ridgewood can help!

Services We Provide

Customized Portfolio Management
Customized Portfolio Management

Unlike other firms that sell off the shelf plans, our in-house team of experts builds your portfolio to your unique needs.

Access to Private Investments
Access to Private Investments

Income Real Estate, Private Debt,
Private Businesses, Microcap, Dividend Growth, Cryptocurrency,
Venture Capital

Proactive Financial Guidance
Proactive Financial Guidance

We take the time to thoroughly analyze your needs to proactively guide you with a sophisticated multifamily office approach.

Tax Reduction Strategies
Tax Reduction

Tax deductible 401k, defined benefit retirement plans, and IRA setup and other sophisticated but often overlooked tax savings strategies.

How Does Ridgewood Investments Differ From the Competition?

We have an established record of building wealth through patience and experience. We help you achieve exceptional long-term investment performance through a principled approach that can succeed regardless of market conditions.

Ridgewood Investments

  • Work with a seasoned expert
  • Educate you on options, 100% fee-only
  • Personalized and customized portfolios
  • Investment solutions managed in-house
  • Long term focus
  • Proactive and responsive
  • Outreach to keep you informed
  • Multi-family office approach
Other Investment Firms

  • Work with inexperienced recent hires
  • Sell you services to earn commissions
  • Pre-packaged cookie-cutter investments
  • Outsourced investments and funds
  • A short term approach
  • Often reactive or hard to reach
  • Outreach to sell you more services
  • Only track what they manage

Our Founder

Kaushal “Ken” Majmudar, CFA

My family emigrated to the United States from India when I was 5 years old. From humble beginnings my new homeland afforded me great educational and career opportunities. I remain grateful for these blessings and founded Ridgewood Investments in 2002 to help our many successful clients achieve transformational results with their money.

Our approach is based on the success lessons taught by renowned investors like Warren Buffett, John Bogel, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch and many other great investors. We guide our clients to intelligently apply these proven techniques with discipline and consistency to create life changing outcomes.

Kaushal "Ken" Majmudar with Warren E. Buffett Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

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How to Get Started?

If you would like to see whether Ridgewood Investments is a good fit for you contact us.

In our review and with input from you, we will outline a personalized plan to intelligently upgrade your investments along with a proactive financial roadmap.  Once you review and approve, we work with you to make the transition process as smooth as possible.
If you qualify, working with Ridgewood allows you to spend your valuable time focusing on your personal and professional priorities while knowing that our advisors are actively working to position your wealth to grow, managing risks and proactively bringing you opportunities and strategies previously limited to only the very wealthiest families.