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Advanced Planning Opportunities Created by the CARES Act

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has affected the United States and the world in profound ways. In an attempt to inhibit the spread of the virus from increasing exponentially and overwhelming our hospital capacity and medical system and to save lives, the majority of states have shut down all but essential businesses and asked the majority of Americans to observe recommendations to shelter-in-place and self-isolate with their immediate families.

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Defined Benefit Plans for High-Income Professionals and Business Owners

Most high-income professionals and business owners get hit with significant income tax bills each year. Of course, professionals in this category such as many physicians, law firm partners, engineers, consultants and business founders or high-level business executives are the fortunate minority to be in such a high-income category in the first place. Still, no one likes to pay more taxes than necessary.

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How Wealthy Families Use Trusts to Protect and Grow Their Wealth and Pay Less Taxes

Perhaps you have heard a bit about Trusts and know that wealthy families and their highly paid advisors know when and how to set up trusts to protect and grow their wealth and save on taxes. If you are curious about how trusts work and how they might benefit you and your own family read on as we reveal a lot of the “inside baseball” on how trusts work and some key ideas related to their pros and cons and situations in which using them can be beneficial.

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